Noo's cake

I was blog lurking last week, as you do and came across Spitting Yarn’s offer to swap. She has some Jaegar Matchmaker in cream and blue, some pink Sirdar Nova and Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival. Now the book will be perfect for a friend of mine, I wouldn’t use the Nova but I would definitely make something for a little person with the Jaegar. So we emailed for a bit, I suggested one of my needlecases, but they’re not much really, they’re little and don’t take much making. Then I had a great idea to offer to make her a Christmas cake. Well, she couldn’t say yes fast enough and here it is!

The recipe is an old family one and has been celebrated for Christmas and weddings forever! We decided that not everyone likes icing, so I chose to decorate it with some cherries and blanched almonds instead and am very pleased with the result. All it needs is a lovely wide ribbon and a pretty plate and she’s in business.

All the usual suspects that you find in a fruit cake are in here and organic to boot! Secret ingredients – vintage Calvados and cranberries.

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