Small things for small people

After having a hiatus due to a very sore right arm and elbow – most definitely caused by too much knitting, I finally got this finished for master Moore in Melbourne. It’s his birthday next weekend, so I need to get this in the post. I also received some wadding to finish his quilt but think I won’t risk posting that over and will bring it when I visit next year. It only took a couple of days to make once I’d received the back-ordered cotton. However it looks quite wide, so I reckon he’ll have to grow into this one!

Felix drying

Felix 1-2 yrs
Rowan Junior
All Seasons Cotton – Fern & Military
4mm Addis

for baby George

I got another gift sorted for a colleague of Mapman’s – handmade card and cotton hat. Think this is Rowan 4ply cotton. It was a leftover from Mickey, the jumper with the intarsia star. Somehow I forgot to take a shot of it when I made it last year.

Mmmmm cakes!

AND I made 100 cupcakes, brownie and birthday cake for Mapman’s birthday last week…….I hear the office were very pleased!

One more thing, I did my swap with Noo of Spitting Yarn. We met for lunch at a funky cafe and had a lovely chat. She was very sweet and included some absolutely stunning colourful macaroons from Paul along with the wool and book. They were so delish they didn’t last long and the raspberry one was my favourite. Although maybe it’s a toss up between the pistachio and the raspberry… They recently opened in Hampstead and I remember we got some gorgeous baguettes when Mum and Dad were visiting in the summer.

I am on the cusp of finishing Mist! Am up to the shaping of the top of the sleeve. Perhaps one or two more evenings of moss stitch and I’ll be able to think about sewing her up because it’s been v v cold and I could do with wearing a lovely wooly cardi.

Here’s a shot of Jack Frost on my geraniums.

Frosty geraniums

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