Some stuff about me

1. Four jobs you have had in your life:

Pharmacy assistant

Record store sales assistant

Pre-school teacher

Education recruitment manager

2. Four films you would watch over and over

The Birds

Strictly Ballroom

Moulin Rouge

An Affair to Remember

*3. Four places you have lived (actually there’s only three)

outer Melbourne, Australia

a village in Kent


4. Four TV shows you love to watch

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Phoenix Nights

Antiques Roadshow

Jools Holland

5. Four places you have been on vacation

Palma and travelled all over Majorca

Stockholm & Gothenberg


Cape Tribulation, Queensland

6. Four websites I visit daily

The Age



7. Four of my favourite foods

my husband’s roast dinners

avocadoes – especially with olive oil & balsamic dressing

any cheese – blue, brie, goats cheese…….yummo

curried sweetcorn chowder

8. Four places I would rather be right now

anywhere but here!

* Consider yourself tagged but I really did this for my Secret Pal!*

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