River is finished

River finito

All done and very fluffy and soft.

Madison almost finished

There was ALOT of swearing and finger pricking happening yesterday with this. I will be very glad to finish it. It’s the most fiddly bit of sewing I’ve done in yonks. I will do things very differently next time I make this bag. It’s a fabulous shape but I’ve ended up having to topstitch the edge of the exterior then do the same to the lining because the bag is too stiff to sew them together on the machine. There was some blood shed when I sewed the flower on the front and I wished I’d added another petal. I know odd numbers look better but it seems to want to fill out a bit more. All that needs to be done is slipstitch the lining on when I’m feeling patient! But not today folks! :-)

Multi-directional scarf

Also done, this may become a Christmas present………

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