River is blocking

Finished River last night at midnight! It’s now blocking on the bed. It turned out that I needed to start a 5th ball for four rows! Thank goodness I had it handy. I’m not enamoured with the colour of it. It looks better in shots than it does in reality. DH doesn’t like it and he always likes things I make. He’s not keen on mohair fullstop, I think. Anyhoo, it was a very easy knit once you got into the swing of the pattern. I only had to rip back the occasional row, mostly when I was engrossed in something on the tele. I used 8mm straights but could have used 10s or 12s to make it more airy-fairy. You only get to see the wavy pattern on certain angles and it is quite large. I think I’ll probably make another using KSH.

River blocking
King Cole mohair 248 Biaritz just over 4 balls
8mm Aeros
58cm x 170cm / 23″ x 67″

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