Pouty pinafore

Pouty in a pinafore

Machine sewn and handfinished, reversible pinafore using recycled fabric and a vintage pattern. I’ve not done much sewing for a while, so this was something to kick-start the ‘sewing brain’ again. It’s not at all practical – most likely needs dry cleaning and gets dragged about with a crawling baby. However, there are major moves afoot to stand! So, watch this space. Young Coco will be back in dresses when that happens.

Reversible pinafore ribbon ties

Reverse view showing ribbon ties. I wanted grosgrain but couldn’t find anything the right colour. This isn’t 100% right either….

Reversible pinafore

Front view showing the red and gold tulips. The original pattern called for bias around all the edges but I wanted a cleaner line than that and think this way was an improvement.

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