Eriskay blanket

Swiss roll with roadkill

Eriskay Blanket
Designs for Babies & Toddlers JHM001
Debbie Bliss for Jaeger (1998)
Patons DK 100% cotton – Ecru (508g)
85 x 70cm

I made this in dribs and drabs and it took me forever. I started it at the end of January…….but baby and other things took priority around here, so there was nothing like an arrival to spur me on. (I feel sorry for the roadkill rabbit in the background! He’s constantly being tossed around by his ears)

Blanket complete

I’d always liked this pattern, so was keen to try it out and it’s going to a special friend, who will really appreciate it. She loves Debbie Bliss’ patterns, so it’s quite appropriate. I decided not to do the triangular edging, even though it looks fantastic, it’s a real pain to do and took me forever on the alphabet blanket. Consequently, I decided on a top and tail border instead and basically worked it out as I went, which meant I only had to pick up stitches from the bottom. It’s pretty straightforward border and I decided on a diagonal K2 P2 rib for the main part. See the closeup for details, which you can easily work out from the picture.

Edging closeup

Pattern book available here and here. I bought mine in Liberty some years ago.


All packaged up and in the post and I just had to include a babygro from POP

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