Knitting & Stitching Show part 2

ally pally 2005 007 ally pally 2005 003 ally pally 2005 006 The show was inspiring as usual and the Cast Off crew were there knitting away. I just loved this dress knitted on broomsticks, I guess from fabric strips. The broomstick knitting was being done by three people, one each to hold a stick and the other to move the yarn about! Quite amusing. I forget now but the shot of the two ladies is them using a giant knitting Nancy but it was made from a modified stool. I guess you could make quite a thick scarf with it.
I also saw an excellent demonstration on hand felting using roving. The lady was very informative and now I reckon I’ll have a bash at the kit Tanya sent me a while ago. It was student day today and I was glad I got there early to beat the crowds. I managed to rush about and make my planned purchases and then be able to mooch about and shop. The Habu stall was thronging with people by the time I got there. It still amazes me how woman can be SO aggressive and pushy when it comes to fabric and wool! I was forever being elbowed and bashed by overladen bags & trollies and more often than not it was the older generations who were doing it! I’d not seen trollies at events like this before, well they make sense but they’re a bit of a health & safety nightmare. Anyhoo, enough whinging. I picked up some 10 & 12mm circs at Web of Wool. They were most helpful and had a super range of sock wools. Every Regia and Opal ball you could imagine and loads of the german Fortissima. It was all a bit tempting. I lucked onto the Fall issue of Vogue knitting because I can’t seem to get it anywhere near me anymore. It always sells out before I get to the shops! ally pally goodies 1

I managed to get the Colinette point 5 in Cezanne that I wanted for Charlotte and just hope I have enough. The yardage is different for each of the given wools Rowan use and I consulted with Alison over at Float n Purl and she only just had enough yarn, so we’ll have to see how we go! The alpaca (grey & pink) and Fortissimma are for socks and the Sirdar denim cotton might get to be a hand-dyed Clapotis.

ally pally goodies 2

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