Flora goes camping

We had a walking weekend in Yorkshire and Cumbria this weekend but managed to get an hour or so in whilst recovering from the day’s events. The weather was stunning and we were able to walk in t-shirts most of the time except when it got a bit windy. The shot of me knitting is one of a series DH took of ‘extreme campsite knitting’. I don’t think he’s embarrassed by me anymore.
The green Rowanspun is leftover from Elspeth and I found the Jaegar lurking at the bottom of my stash stool. It goes perfectly because it’s shiny and sleek. I bought that on sale at John Lewis years ago, so it’s long been discontinued!

Flora – Knitty
Rowanspun DK & Jaegar Pure Cotton
Aero 4.5mm vintage straightsFlora goes camping Flora

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