What to do?

Stripey wrap

Garter Stitch Wrap Top
Simple Knits for Cherished Babies Erika Knight
Rowan 4ply cotton – Bleached 113 & Ripple 121
3mm pins

This was a gem to make, apart from the fact that I was desperate to add stripes (so a load of ends to sew in) and the fact that I wanted longer sleeves! I had intended to use up a part ball of Ripple but ended up having to buy another because I thought I would sail too close to the wind. In the end, I think I would’ve been ok, so I might just get another one out of what I have left in the smallest size. I made the medium one but it still looks small. Anyway, I finished this two weeks ago and it’s been sitting around looking at me daring me to choose between the buttons you see in the shot or ribbon ties. I still can’t decide. Something about the buttons looks a bit much. One probably isn’t enough, but two isn’t right either (I prefer odd numbers), so you see three. I’d forgotten about these buttons until today. They used to be on a white linen shirt I made years ago when I first came to London and found Liberty. The shirt no longer fits and I salvaged them recently when I had a big chuck out. Decisions, decisions………

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