What a waste of waffle

Mini Waffle socks Rav link
Toe up socks using Wendy Johnson’s detailed toe up pattern, fudging the numbers for 48st sock and Charlene Shurch’s waffle rib ii stitch and a picot bind off.
34g left over sock yarn

You always think that others are going to be as excited about the finished article, as you are, when you make something. You spend a lot of time making it, ironing out little problems and then present it to the person. The person says ‘Ooh nice’ at the time, but then won’t wear them……………and so it goes. I have tried, my husband has tried and she’s just not buying, the whole handmade sock deal.

So, I will try once more and then give them to a child who will wear them!

From the grumpy Mummy

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