The story of Kiri

Well *Kiri *started like this………

Kiri pre-washing and dyeing

got washed….. (look at the fluff on the pillowcase I washed it in)

kiri finished 018

and *dyed *with this………..

kiri finished 002

AND became this lovely citron vert. I had admired Anna’s version and was keen to replicate it.

Citron Vert Kiri dyed

Sirdar Indigo pure cotton Denim DK 10 skeins
5mm circular needles
Finished size – 180cm wide x 88cm deep
Dyed with Dylon Citron Vert

Citron vert Kiri closeup

Now, anyone else who bought the Sirdar Indigo cotton denim DK at Ally Pally last year be warned! I’d bought it with a view to dyeing it and according to the label it could take a 60 degree wash, so I went ahead and made my purchase. Not bad at £12.99 for 10 skeins. However, I was constantly defluffing myself after a session knitting with this yarn so, was a tad concerned when it came to the washing. I had considered hand washing but decided that it had to go in the machine anyway to take the dye! When it came out, as you can see there was an awful lot of fluff. I took Polly’s advice and hadn’t yet sewn in any of the ends but they ended up becoming very matted also after washing. After three washes it is still pilling like mad. I’ve used a razor and a clothes brush and it has improved slightly but I will persevere and wash a couple more times in some wool wash and see what happens. It looks fantastic at arm’s length but once you start looking too closely… see all the bits. Am not disappointed in the pattern in the slightest, no sooner had I dyed this, I cast on for another! More anon.

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