Sock questionnaire...........

For my secret sock knitting friend…………………..

  1. What are your foot measurements?
    *length – 10″ instep & ankle – 9″*

  2. Do you have a favorite sock yarn?
    I haven’t made many socks for myself and have only recently got back into knitting socks, so not really. I’ll leave that up to you. I’m not averse to handwashing though and do love the softness of alpaca.

  3. Is there a specific pattern you favor?…lace or ribbed?
    I would love something lacy or have wanted to make these but haven’t made time!

  4. What colors do you prefer? Do you like solids or stripes?
    Reds, burgundy, grey, black. I am a big stripe fan but am not against solid socks either.

  5. Do you have any allergies to a specific fiber?

  6. Holiday that you usually celebrate?

Hope that’s enough to go on! If not send me an email. Happy knitting!

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