Rowan Spring/Summer is out!

rowan summer patterns 008

I am having a knitting hiatus at the moment and am concentrating on a neglected needlework project, so I was most excited about the new Rowan mag, which made an almighty crash through the door 15 minutes ago! As always, there are only a handful of things I would consider making and have probably only ever made one or two things out of any of the books due to time constraints and being spoiled for choice.

They have made a few welcome amendments to their layout in this issue. I quite like the desgin gallery spread at the end before the patterns. It gives you a chance to review them at a glance without having to flick back and search for patterns. I also like their yarn & pattern break down list. Very handy. Here’s a mosaic of my favourites. More later when I’ve had a chance to have a proper look.

Rowan Spring/Summer 2006 faves

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