I made myself time to sew this week, being wholly inspired by the craft retreaters in Melbourne. They know who they are!

I have had the pattern for 20 months and the fabric for 16 months.

Miss Coco is rapidly growing out of her pj’s, so some stylish and impractical linen pyjamas are hers for the british winter.

Despite only being 3 pieces, it was a bit fiddly and am glad I spent some time doing this in the daylight as I blindly added all the red bias to the left front without considering the sleeves…….. So the purple sleeve edging is a design feature that just evolved with some repurposed buttons from Mum. I remember them being on one of her handmade dresses from the 70’s.

The disappointing thing about this was that I’d planned on making bottoms as well, but didn’t have the foresight at the time to properly pin the pieces down together. I waved them over it and said ‘she’ll be right’ and it got me in the end. All I needed was 4 cms in the width for the front….very, very annoying. I may be in luck if I pop back to IKEA this week, but I very much doubt they will still have this design. So, I’ll see if I have some plain white linen somewhere. So, the moral of the story is that this pattern eats fabric.

Despite all of this I love the way the fabric completely changes according to the time of day and the light level AND the little miss says it’s comfy. So, I am winning after all.

New Look 6333
Size 2
IKEA heavy weight linen 1.5m

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