Polarn O. Pyret

ETA: I’ve been having quite a few enquiries from people, I just to make it clear to everyone that I have no affiliation with POP. I’m merely a fan. If you have any queries or questions please contact them directly through their website. Thanks folks.

It’s not often I go shopping these days and I rarely get excited about it. However, we went off today to Brent Cross and were steaming through all the other mothers with buggies but was stopped in my tracks when I saw these (see below) snails looking at me. This would have to be the best store and they only opened last Thursday apparently. They have a few other concessions in House of Fraser across the UK but this appears to be the only store in London I could see from their website. They do some adorable clothing for babies and children and some of the maternity wear looked ok as well.

Swedish goodies

There’s nothing like swedish design, eh?! We love it!! I bought some wee baby gifties as well as this top and legging/pants for Coco. I could have spent some serious money in there………..but go and check it out if you’re local. It’s fantastic.

Snail leggings

It’s so hard to find anything *other *than pink for girls, isn’t it?

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