Oh dear

My messy sewing area

Seeing as so many people are outing themselves with their mess-making, I thought I’d join in! This really does need sorting out. There are piles in there somewhere; gifts that need wrapping; quilts needing pinning together………but nothing much else going on in the way of sewing. I must change that this week.

Kimono #2

It’s been too hot here to do much knitting but I have been spurred on in the past two days to try and finish the kimono wrap that I started almost immediately after finishing this one. I thought I was being thrifty by using up this leftover sock yarn but ended up being about 20 rows short! I was not a happy girl – didn’t want to rip it out, so I ordered another ball from Web of Wool, who were more than obliging to provide the same dyelot even though I’d purchased the original ball last October. Their website is very outdated, so best thing is to email or call them if you’re looking for something specific. I also got some lovely fabric at £3/m for some unfinished quilts from Antique Angel – total bargain but they’d sold out of the one I really wanted……..They’re having their summer sale at their workroom in Bucks. on 7-8 July but be warned the sale doesn’t apply to web or postal orders.

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