More gifts

Singlet closeup

Here’s a closeup of a pretty singlet/vest that my mother made for Alice. It’s a vintage pattern…..not sure of the details but she made one for me when I was born too. It’s knitted in Patons 100% baby wool but wait until you see the incredible shawl she made once I take the photos.

Birth Sampler #2

This is a birth sampler designed and wrought by the mother of one of my oldest friends. She designs all her samplers and has the most amazing library of reference, particularly on folk samplers. We are also lucky enough to have a wedding sampler made by her but that’s at my parent’s home in Oz and I don’t have a photograph to share. It’s incredibly fine worked in one thread of floss over one thread of linen. Am not sure of the count but believe me, it’s fine. I’m looking forward to getting it framed and on the wall.

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