Rowan Pipsqueaks
6-12 months size
3 balls Patons Washed Haze Aran Ecru
5mm Addis
Wolfe Murray handmade button

They call this ecru but it’s more of a stone. I used ALL of the 3 balls and had to make the sleeves slightly shorter to compensate, which was a pain. But it was a mega-bargain, I got these 3 balls at a John Lewis sale last year for a pound each! Not bad, eh? I know it’s cheap yarn but it’ll wash and wear well and was a perfect substitute for Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

I normally put a wooden toggle on this cardigan (I think this is #8 of these I made now) but I’ve been trying to find something to put these on for ages and the shape is perfect. I used the one on the RHS in the middle row.

handmade ceramic buttons

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