Jumping on the bandwagon

Have been plodding along with Mist and am up to the armhole on the left front. It’s such boring knitting but at least I can do it without thinking and can get embroiled in telly! Not much concentration required.

Not alot of other crafting going on, lots of cleaning and gardening instead in preparation for Aussie visitors next week! Can’t wait for that – cherry ripes will be winging their way to me very, very soon!

I ordered the wool for Mystical Stripe from three different mail order companies and one of them is being incredibly slow. All I want is the LAST ball and am getting so annoyed about it that I might just go to JL and get it. It’s red, so I’m bound to use it up for other things anyway but it’s more annoying because I only need it for ONE row. I’ve been so motivated to get this pattern going that I’ve done the 34 rows each on two sleeves and the back now, having used all my 4mm pins in the process. AND I’ve also been knitting in the ends, which is quicker when you get used to doing it each row or two rows and the great thing about KSH being so fine is that you can knit it in alongside the rowanspun and it’s not that noticeable.

I joined up to Lolly’s Socktoberfest, so I’d better get knittin’!

AND have gotta make my list for Ally Pally this Thursday

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