It's a red thing

Pumpkin mosaic
Pumpkin *

Pipsqueaks size 1-2 yrs
Kim Hargreaves for Rowan
Jo Sharp DK cotton 3.75 balls in Carmen

There is a surprising amount of finishing to this pattern but it certainly holds your interest throughout. I know alot of people really hate sewing up and finishing off but I relish it. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a beautiful flat mattress-stitched seam. I do suggest if you make this to keep a fresh ball aside for the hood. It does feel like you’re knitting that hood forever though! I started the new ball at the RHS front shoulder shaping so you don’t get any nasty joins. I finished with only 20cm left – by the skin of my teeth! I didn’t feel the need to block this either, the cotton responded very well to a light pressing only.

I’ve also been busy working on ideas for a ring cushion for a friend’s wedding. I know there does seem to be a red theme developing here but we do love other colours too. The bride wanted it to match her shoes, so she managed to find some for me and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. It’s a mini-version. I need to back the fabric because it’s very thin and hard to work on, so I may try some iron-on lining tomorrow. Wonder if my SP will notice that I’ve used some of her ribbon already!

Wedding ring cushion

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