In pieces

Am so overdue in finishing Mystical Stripe… Winter and Spring are over and it will be far to warm to wear this until Autumn. I know we all have WIPs and UFOs hanging around but this one is really annoying me. Am knitting both sleeves at once, so at least they’ll be done together! I did a bit yesterday and need to just have it out, so I’m looking at it and it can make me feel guilty!

In pieces #2

I’m never content in making just one thing for a gift, especially for little people, so when I cast off the second sleeve on this cardi last night and saw how much yarn I had left over, I just had to make some little shoes. (That was a long sentence!) Am using the Debbie Bliss Fair Isle shoe pattern but have added a little yarn over motif instead and kept it plain. Must get that done tonight, so I can go in search of some pearly buttons tomorrow…..more anon.

In pieces #1

The alphabet blanket has been cast aside for the time being but it was always a long-term project.

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