Goings on

Just a quick update because there are lots of bits and pieces happening here. The weather is revoulting, so it’s a good excuse to stay in and knit and sew. I have too many things on the go and so this is my kick up the bum to get things done for Christmas.

Clapotis in Noro

1. Clapotis (above) for a friend – I need one more ball of Noro Silk Garden 217 though (Dec 10)
Holiday Sock Exchange socks *– started these yesterday, am halfway through 1 sock One sock to go! (Dec 16)
3. *
Pinwheel blanket
– 8″ to go plus border (Jan 6)
4. Second sock for FIL (Dec 16)
5. Hat for Mapman (Dec 24)
6. A couple more handmade Christmas cards
7. Hat or booties for a friend’s baby – Knowing me, it’ll be both (Dec 20)
8. Finish wool crepe skirt *(Dec 16)
9. Wedding outfit – *
skirt & wrap
(Jan 6) – have fabric, just need to cut out and get started.
10. Line curtains for spare room! Anyone who knows me knows that these have been languishing at the bottom of the pile for at least 6 months.

A big list…….better get cracking. X

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