Felted tweed

Mum and Dad's alpacas...some of them
Here are a few on my parent’s alpacas. They’ve been breeding them for 5 years or so, maybe longer but my brain fails me. We always had animals of some sort while we were growing up and these are the latest additions to the menagerie. They do have names but they escape me as well. Maybe you can correct me here Mum? Anyway, I was reminded of them this morning because the ball of felted tweed I’ve been hanging out for, finally arrived! (It has 25% alpaca in it, you see) I can now proceed to the next two rows on Mystical Stripe. Not a very inspired post but there you have it. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Gill, Emm and Benny who are another year older today! How amazing that I know three people whose birthdays are on the same day. Remarkable.

felted tweed watery

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