Elspeth Finito!

How exciting, have spent most of the day doing the crochet round the edge of Elspeth. I ended up doing two rounds of dc on the sleeves with the picot to finish off but only one round for the body plus picot. I need a bit more coverage in the arm department. I guess I went into the second or third stitch to start the dc but used my eye more than anything particularly when coming around the curve on the fronts.
Check out these other finished Elspeths, here and here I love Kristin’s idea of using ribbon for the tie rather than a strand of picot. I quite fancy making another one and extending the body a bit but otherwise it’s a perfect fit for me. I know a few people had mentioned they would knit a size smaller than their usual for this one but it worked out for me. The crochet was fun, mainly because I haven’t done any for a while. Hmmm, what next…………

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