Crochet roll and stuff

I enjoyed making this and needed to make one for a while. I have all my knitting and crochet paraphernalia in an old whiskey tin. It’s a great idea BUT you have to tip everything out when you want to find something. As I’ve been doing bits and pieces of crochet recently, it was a pain to search for a hook. I made up my own pattern and used two fat quarters of Kaffee Fassett shot cottons, sewed them together, bagged it out then folded over what was needed to hold the hooks. Stitched about 1/2″ apart and added the vintage hexagon; one to add a deeper and wider pocket and for a bit of detail. I had some interesting synthetic trim and caught them in the side seams, et voila.

Have done about half of the sleeve on Mist and am pottering along with the multi-directional scarf. Not getting much done during the day as I’ve been visiting friends and going out for lunches! Gotta do it while the summer lasts.

Open sesame

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