Colour block quilt

This was a long time in coming and about 6 months late for a first birthday, but at least it’s done! I recall getting the 5″ squares in a bargain bin at a trade show a few years ago, then teamed it with some stripey cotton shirting from my own hoard and it sewed itself up in an afternoon. However, I really struggled with how to do the border………consequently it got put away for about 6 months until I came up with the olive/purple combo.

Colour block quilt edge

This was my attempt at something more modern and I wanted to do the quilting a fair width apart and you can do that successfully with Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton batting. The Cotton Patch has a good selection of bleached, unbleached and man made wadding. Something for everyone. I’ve used it before and it gives a great result but the only downside is that it does shed a lot of fluff. So, defluffing the machine and the quilt has to occur regularly.

The reverse is a large purple square blocked with the olive. Nice and simple. I made my own binding and used invisible thread to sew it down. It’s all labelled and ready to go! Some more shots in my Flickr set here.

Colour block quilt reverse

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