Clementine's baby kimono

Clementines baby kimono

Clementine’s Baby Kimono
Rowan 4ply Soft 86g
Raincloud shade 387
3.25mm needles and dpns for the i-cord
2 x 25cm and 2 x 15cm lengths of i-cord

42cm chest
21cm length
14cm sleeve length

I would suggest it would fit a newborn baby to about 3 months. It was a sheer delight to make. Di’s instructions were excellent, very clear and easy to follow and the 4ply Soft a dream to knit.

Clementines baby kimono inner i-cord tie

I chose to try the i-cord closures mainly because I always use buttons and thought it would be good to do something different. You may notice the inner closures are fatter because I used 4 stitches for those two and decided a bow would be too fat and wouldn’t sit right. So, the outer two i-cords are knit with 3 stitches to 3.25mm dpns. I suggest you use 3 stitches for all of them. I also found that a bow on the inside was too bulky and disrupted the overall streamlining of the garment, so that’s why they’re shorter using a simple half-hitch. I did knit and attach these all separately but I think it may be possible to knit them directly from the garment especially on each of the front edges. Let me know if you do that successfully.

Clementine's baby kimono i-cord tie #3

Here’s a close-up of the front bow. If you want to know how to tie this successfully go to Flickr here.

What a lovely gift for a newborn.

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