Blooming marvellous

I managed to do some sewing whilst visiting Nanny & Grandpa on her old Bernina record. It’s a fabulous machine, so solid and amazingly reliable. The stories it could tell! Well, they would mostly be of me swearing. I raided her cupboards and found some lovely cottons and shirtings but wasn’t able to bring everything I wanted back. Next time, maybe.

Here’s Coco modelling the bloomers in white cotton pique and shaking my old wooden rattle. It’s quite battered but much loved.


And some pants using up a remnant of shirting that she made for my Grandad. These were enormous on her a month ago when they were finished and now they fit, well loosely anyway. Perfect for our yoga class we’re starting today. Can you see how close she is to crawling……….any day now, I fear/reckon

Yoga pants

I’m also halfway through sewing up a summer weight sleeping bag too. Oh, to have some time……

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