Vintage blind #2

These are two of the four blinds at my parent’s home. I blame my love for orange, pink and yellow on these bedroom blinds made by Mum. I also had a bedspread, which didn’t last forever and ended up being made into a dress. I think I was about 6 at the time. Anyway, I’ll share that one day when I can find the photo. Marimekko fabric isn’t cheap today, but I’m sure it was fairly expensive in Melbourne in 1972.

It didn’t fit the width of our windows, so it had to be pieced. I think they’re holding up very well after almost 35 years of being yanked up and down each day.

More Marimekko here at Flickr and the other blind here.

The light fitting is Murano glass. I still really love it. The discs are about 4 inches wide. We had another in orange with brown dots in the loungeroom and Mum and Dad had another in blues and greens in their room. They also had a chandelier which had about 9 tiers that hung over their bed and was quite dramatic. They took them down in favour of something more modern a few years ago. It’s different from this but a similar idea.

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