Beaucoup de laine

I have been wanting to make Mystical Stripe for years and have recently been picking up some of the shades at a good discount. Rowanspun DK is being discontinued and have been able to get the odd skein for as little as £1.99. It’s the KSH that’s the expensive part but I’ve ordered most of it now and should arrive by next week. This will be a long term winter project. Something I do in between other things and because there are so many colours, it should attract my attention when I’m bored with other things! I read on the Rowan message board that there is loads leftover, so maybe Mum will get one too! :-)

Mysical Stripe Wool for Mystical Stripe...most of it

I modified the pattern quite a bit but will post more about that when I’ve made the mate to this one. I used kitchener stitch to close the toe and it turned out very neat.
I need a friend!
Destined to be a Christmas present………

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