Moss Hat

This was a commission from a friend – hope she likes it! x AND Mapman has requested one too, so I’ll get around to making one for him for Christmas.

Moss Hat

Moss Hat
My design
1 ball Noro Silk Garden – shade 217
4mm Addis

Notes: You can knit this in the round or flat, doesn’t matter. If you knit it flat, always knit the first stitch of each row, this helps to keep it flat and aids in sewing up. This is aimed to fit 21-22″ head size.

Using cable cast on, cast on 96 stitches.

K5, (P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1) repeat this ribbing 7 times more. Continue in moss stitch rib for 5″-6″ depending on your size.

Pattern 8, K2 through back of loop (tbl) then decrease a further seven times in the middle of the moss stitch across the row. (88 stitches). Work 3 rows ending with a WS row.

Decrease again 8 times across the next row (80 stitches). Work 1 row.

Decrease evenly across the next row and following alternate row 16 times. (48 stitches) Work 1 row, ending with WS row.

Next row, K3, K3tog across row leaving 32 stitches. Work 1 row.

Next row K3tog, K1 across row leaving 16 stitches. Final row K1, K2tog, K1. Leave enough of an end to draw through the remaining stitches then sew up with mattress stitch if you have not knitted it in the round.

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