5 things you now know

  1. I had chicken pox twice as a child, which is apparently very unusual.

  2. I spend more time planning new projects and faffing around than I actually spend knitting or sewing or doing anything else. I get distracted easily.

  3. I can only go to sleep if I have the covers over my ears. I think this stems from lots of mozzies in hot Aussie summers as a child!

  4. I now have the same hairstyle that I had when I was 15……..and I’m still digging Morrissey.

  5. I love living in the UK and in Australia, but I must choose one over the other. I’ve been very lucky in the 11+ years of being here. I’ve had a job that took me there and back numerous times and have been able to afford trips for Christmasses and weddings.

I have a new baby blanket in the planning, which is a surprise, so I can’t share until babe is born in May, and am knitting up the buttonhole band on Mystical Stripe. I need to hurry up with that or I’ll never wear it!

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